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Protection and Clearing Spray

Clears negative or stuck energy

Fabulous spray for clearing energy, to protect you energetically and to uplift your spirit.

Gently scented with essential oils of Grapefruit, Lavender and Rose Otto.

Contains vibrational essences for cleansing, protecting and uplifting.

Use Protection and Clearing Spray to clear the energy from a room. Itabulous for use after general cleaning to bring lightness and good feeling into your house.

It's also excellent to use to after an argument or unwanted guest in your home.

We use it in our practice room to clear the room energetically between clients.

If you're struggling to clear a room out of unwanted clutter, try spraying this first. We've had some great results with this. Moving the stuck energy first makes it easier to move the physical clutter.

Protects against psychic attack

This spray contains a couple of powerful flower essences to protect against psychic attack. Being on the receiving end of someone's negative vibes is hard work and feels uncomfortable.

Black Locust and Scarlet Pimpernel

This spray is uplifting. What makes it uplifting?

Giant Bellflower.jpg
Black Locust.jpg

Giant Bellflower

The clarion call for change. This essence supports old energies to fall away to make space for the new.


Uplifts your spirit

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