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About Stephen Hunter

My journey in the healing arts began with Swedish Massage.

In 1995, I qualified in therapeutic massage and from the moment I started, I was hooked! I still love to see people leave my office with a lighter step and a sense of well-being after a deep tissue massage.


I was soon drawn to study Acupuncture.
In 1999 I completed a 4-year University Masters Level course in York, England to study Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture. My qualifications and experience are listed here.


I am passionate about Chinese Medicine!
I have been practicing since 1999 and I've loved every minute. I love helping people and I like the layers of complexity. It’s like figuring out a puzzle.


I like the fact that Chinese Medicine can explain how different symptoms that are not apparently connected in Western Medicine are in fact connected. Not only that, but Chinese Medicine can also explain why certain drugs have the side-effects that they do.


Stephen Hunter

I believe deeply that we need to find the root of our problems in order to be truly well.
I use a variety of tools, built up in further education over many years and I have a particular philosophy of working to try to accomplish this.


I began to teach and my business grew busy.

After qualifying in Acupuncture, I was invited back to the college to teach part-time. I found that I love to teach and over the years have had the pleasure of teaching hundreds of students in the healing arts of acupuncture and massage.


Over the years, my business grew busy, and I've treated many hundreds of patients for a wide variety of different problems, with a great success rate.

Stretching arm using assisted isolated stretching

In 2010, I re-located to Nelson, BC with my wife and two sons.

We love living and home-schooling in this beautiful little community. 


Since moving to Nelson, I found out about Active Isolated Stretching. The benefits are fabulous for various physical difficulties. I trained in this technique with world-renowned therapist Aaron Mattes and continue to be amazed by the results in cases of musculo-skeletal difficulties.

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