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Battlefield Acupuncture


Battlefield acupuncture is for rapid relief of pain.
I have been using battlefield acupuncture for many years now with great results.


Battlefield Acupuncture was developed by Dr Richard Niemtzow in 2001. Ear (auricular) acupuncture has been used for thousands of years, but Dr Niemtzow developed this technique further specifically for rapid relief of pain.


It can also be used for long term problems involving pain.  It is especially beneficial for conditions where regular painkillers are no longer effective or are unsuitable.


Needles are used only in the ear.
Battlefield Acupuncture is a type of ear acupuncture which uses 5 needles in one ear.


The needles are very small and semi-permanent (gold plated) and can stay in for up to a week, after which they often come out on their own. The treatment is usually repeated every 2 weeks.


The results are often astonishing, with greatly reduced pain.
The reduction in pain is usually pretty much immediate and can last from hours to months, depending on the individual and in some cases can be a permanent cure.


For most people Battlefield Acupuncture offers an effective way to reduce the need for painkillers, and therefore reduce the chemical load on the body.


What to expect in a treatment
Treatment is quick and simple.  Needles are inserted one at a time, with the patient walking for a minute or so between each insertion.


A short history is taken, but not a full acupuncture history. Then one needle is inserted into each ear and the patient walks around for a minute or so. The pain level is then re-assessed and a decision is made on which ear is the best to use. Surprisingly, there is usually one ear that will give better results.


Five needles are then inserted into the ear one by one with walking between each insertion.


If someone is unable to walk, we can work with other movements.


No clothes need be removed and treatment normally takes around 15 minutes.


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