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Acupressure Massage


Acupressure Massage uses many standard acupuncture points to provide a needleless treatment.
In essence acupressure uses the same diagnostic techniques as acupuncture, but instead of using needles, the acupuncture points are stimulated by means of pressure. The pressure is usually applied using the fingers, although some practitioners also might use tools to apply the pressure. The treatment can also be extended by use of small stick-on magnets or seeds.


In trials, acupressure has been found to be quite effective at treating various types of problems such as pain or nausea.

But it is not usually as effective as acupuncture.  I believe that this is because the stimulation delivered to the acupuncture points is limited to a smaller number of points and less time being with the points being stimulated.  After all I only have two hands but I have many needles!


So who might seek this treatment?
Well, anyone can have acupressure, but most often I am asked for this by people who have a fear of needles or for the treatment of small children.


Clothing is optional during a pure acupressure treatment.
I can usually find any points I want to use through most clothing.  After a standard diagnosis, I will select which points to use and move around your body stimulating each of them in turn several times, usually in pairs.  This is not painful.  The stimulation is achieved by applying moderate finger pressure on the point or by light vibration of the point depending on the result required.


I often incorporate some acupressure into a standard massage treatment and find it to be an excellent way of moving stagnation in the channels which might be causing back pain, neck pain or headache for example.


I can also teach you how to locate certain key points which you can use to do self treatment at home.
In particular I often see couples who are expecting a baby, and in this case I can show the partner acupressure points and techniques to use during labour.  This is not only very useful for easing and speeding labour, but it also gives the partner a chance to be fully part of the birthing process.


So acupressure is gentle, effective and possible to do for yourself. But always seek professional help and advice as it is also a powerful treatment and some particular points are contra-indicated for certain conditions.


Please contact me if you would like to know more or to discuss how acupressure can help you.


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