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Massage & Stretching



Massage has been around since humans first evolved. Therapeutic touch of different styles is hugely beneficial to human beings. There are many different methods and traditions from around the world from Japan to Africa and the Americas to India.


Stephen is trained in Swedish massage.
Swedish massage is a traditional deep tissue massage – just perfect for easing out from any physical exercise.


Swedish massage clears toxins from the body.
It stimulates movement of fluids through tissue which clears out all the toxins that build up from exercise, or even through the general stresses of daily life.


Massage is relaxing.
You don’t have to have something wrong with you to come for a massage. Lots of people come for massage simply because it is deeply relaxing and soothing.


Neck massage

Stephen also learned acupressure massage as part of his training in acupuncture in York, England.
Acupressure uses specific acupuncture points, but stimulates them through finger pressure rather than with a needle.


This can be great for people who are very needle-phobic,

and also for young children.


Over the years he has fused together the Swedish massage with the acupressure which means that as he massages he is aware of the energy flows and can often move blockages in the channels with finger pressure.


In 2012 Stephen added Active Isolated Stretching to his practice.

Since moving to Nelson, he found out about Active Isolated Stretching as taught by Aaron Mattes in the US. A friend had a long-term hip injury that hadn’t responded well to a variety of different approaches. He saw her full recovery in just three sessions and knew that he wanted to learn more.


He took his training with Aaron Mattes and has been delighted with the results of adding this stretching work to his practice.


Stephen uses massage in different ways depending on the reason for coming. If you have a physical problem, he will often use massage to do some deep tissue release work and then focus on the stretching work to help correct the problem.



Stretching arm with isolated stretching
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