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Practice Standards


The room is cleaned every day.
I use natural cleaners and natural disinfectant to maintain a clean and yet chemical-free area.


The sheets and towels are fresh for every person.
In this way I can maintain a clean and healthy environment for each individual.


I wash my hands regularly.
I wash my hands thoroughly before and after needling and before and after needle removal. I also use sanitizing gel regularly as needed to maintain a clean environment.


I maintain the highest standards of confidentiality.
Files are kept private and not shared with anyone else without the express written permission of the patient.
I do not discuss patient’s attendance or details of treatment with anyone without express permission of the patient.

Part of this means that if I see you on the street I will not initiate a discussion about your treatment or ask you how things are going in case you are with someone and wish to keep your attendance with me private.


Turquoise towels
Removing acupuncture needle

Needles are used only once.

The needles I use are pre-sterilized and designed for single use. Once they have been used, they are disposed of responsibly in a special sharps bin kept for this specific purpose. This is in accordance with medical hygiene standards of British Columbia as well as my personal practice standards.

I use guide tubes to insert the needles which is more hygienic since there is less contact between myself and the needle. Also, using a guide tube ensures rapid insertion of the needle which leads to far less chance of pain.

I do my utmost to preserve patient modesty and dignity.
I leave patients to undress and dress in private.
Clean towels are provided to maintain modesty.
Only areas that I need to needle or work on are uncovered.
If I need to work on any potentially sensitive areas I will always explain this and seek prior agreement. There is always the option to refuse if any areas feel uncomfortable to needle for any reason.


I maintain patient warmth and comfort.
I keep the room at a comfortable temperature and have additional heating and blankets if required to make sure that patients feel secure and warm.
I have an extra wide treatment table with arm rests and full adjustability to make certain that patients are as relaxed as possible.


I maintain honesty and integrity.
I think it is very important to treat people with respect and dignity, particularly in terms of what to expect from a treatment.


Preserving patient modesty
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