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Qualifications and Experience




1994 Training in Swedish Massage at Warrington, England

ITEC qualification upgraded to LCSP in 1995

ITEC means International Therapies Examination Council

LCSP means London and Counties Society of Physiotherapists


These qualifications gave me a good sound understanding of physiology and anatomy, principles of deep tissue massage, contraindications and experience of therapeutic touch.


I have been practicing massage consistently since this first basic qualification.


1997 Acupressure Massage Qualification

As part of my acupuncture training, I studied acupressure massage and began including it as part of my massage work straight away.


1996/7 and on occasion afterwards

I gained experience by working closely and being mentored by a well-respected local physiotherapist in the UK who worked with stretching and osteopathic techniques. This greatly enhanced my massage skills.




2012 Active Isolated Stretching with Aaron Mattes

Brilliant stretching techniques to deal with so many different physical injuries. Read more here.




1999 Acupuncture Diploma

This was a four year university masters level training.

My acupuncture training covered traditional Chinese acupuncture, eight principles and five elements. I also covered Chinese dietary theory, acupressure, auricular (ear) acupuncture and all the relevant health and safety regulations for practicing safely. Read more about acupuncture here.


1999 Invited to teach at the Northern College of Acupuncture

Straight after qualifying, I was invited back to teach at the college. I began teaching point locations and then over the years I also taught bodywork and ethics.


Various further training courses on fertility and pregnancy including a workshop with Jani White in London

This is an area of study and experience that I became very involved and interested in. I worked with local midwives in the UK who would send people to me with issues in pregnancy and fertility. In particular I had success helping people with IVF treatment and supporting them through pregnancy.


2003 Gua Sha workshop at the college in York

Gua Sha is a form of massage using scraping tools. It brings large amounts of blood to the surface of the skin.


2004 Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture

This is an acupuncture alternative to a face lift with remarkable results.

I did my training with Virginia Doran who devised her own protocols for facial rejuvenation which have been widely copied.

After attending the first workshop with Virginia, I have been invited back to assist on workshops that she has run since.


2007 Battlefield Acupuncture

I did my training in battlefield acupuncture with Dr Richard C Niemtzow MD PhD

This fascinating form of ear acupuncture used specifically to deal with pain is the basis for my weekly pain clinic and for anyone presenting with chronic pain who would like to reduce their reliance on pain killers.




2005 onwards Various training and workshops on EFT

EFT (Emotional Freedom Therapy) is a technique which can easily be learned by anyone, making it a great self-help tool for patients to take away. It uses acupuncture points to stimulate energy flow in a particular way.


It is used to deal with trauma and unresolved emotional issues which are getting in the way of life. Sometimes even chronic physical pain can be caught up with emotional issues and it is not uncommon for people to use EFT to help with chronic pain.


I did my basic training with Gwyneth Moss, an EFT master in the UK.


After my initial training, I worked with Gwyneth Moss to develop a training program to blend EFT and Five Elements theory and flower essences with great results.


I continue to use EFT, five elements theory and flower essences as part of my on-going practice.




2010 Supervision Training with Sally Blades and Isobel Cosgrove

Supervision is a process through which a therapist, helped by a supervisor, can better understand both the patient and themselves as part of the therapeutic relationship. With this understanding, the therapist can develop and improve their work.


Sally Blades and Isobel Cosgrove are the leading experts in supervision and my training with them gave me a deep understanding of my own practice and how I relate to people generally.


Supervision is really a skill for working with other therapists. If you are a therapist finding difficulties of any nature with your practice, or having difficulty separating your practice from your private life, then supervision is for you….



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