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Rebecca's Qualification and Experience


1994 Training in Swedish Massage at The Cheshire School of Therapies, Warrington, England

ITEC qualification.

ITEC means International Therapies Examination Council.

1991 Training in Reflexology with Crane School of Reflexology, UK


My knowledge and experience have come from my many years of working alongside Arthur at the time when he was expanding his own knowledge.


Arthur was a pioneer in the flower essence world. He was the first person beyond Edward Bach to make essences. He took me with him on his field trips and I learned to make essences with him and spent years exploring different ways of making essences. Essentially, I was Arthur's apprentice.


From Arthur, I learned much about the “science” behind flower essences and the theories on how they worked. Together we had many deep discussions as the frontiers of this work grew around us.


Arthur also taught me to dowse. For many years, Arthur was the President and then the Scientific Advisor of the British Society of Dowsers, so I was lucky to be taught by someone with his level of skill and knowledge.


Since Arthur died, my learning has continued through a continual practice of reading, study and experiential learning in the field.


I do have qualifications in Swedish massage and reflexology, although I no longer practice either modality, preferring to work exclusively with flower essences.

I have designed, written and delivered several workshops on flower essences in the UK. Here are a few of them:

Dowsing for Beginners

Teaching people how to dowse over essences and vitamins with a pendulum and how to use rods for water divining.

Living with the Seasons

Living in a way that is connected with the Earth and its rhythms using Chinese five elements as a base.

Practical Five Elements

A workshop for practitioners to learn more about using flower essences within the five element system.

How to make your own Essences

A basic workshop teaching all aspects of making your own essence and how to work with that essence.

Flower Essences for Spiritual Growth

Focus on particular essences in more depth and highlighting different ways of choosing and using flower essences.

Meditative Mandalas

How to create a mandala with a focus on meditation and using flower essences with mandalas.

Please contact me for more information or read more about my fees here.

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