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Flower Essence Consultations



Why would I need flower essences?

People often work with essences when they are finding life difficult emotionally or spiritually. To find out more about flower essences and what they are for, click here.

What happens in a flower essence consultation?

We can meet in person, or I can dowse for you via the internet, using either email or Zoom. When we meet in person or on Zoom, we chat about what you are hoping to get from the consultation and I answer any questions that you have about the essences and dowsing. If you are currently experiencing difficulties in life, we discuss that and then I choose essences to help.


Sometimes people come for essences because they wish to explore themselves in more depth, rather than having any specific problem. In this case, we can choose the essences first and then discuss them.

Personal prescrition of essences being made

I select your essences by dowsing. Dowsing is simply a way of accessing our intuition, the universal consciousness.

After I have dowsed for the essences, I will discuss with you what each of them is about. Usually they make sense immediately and the descriptions shed a light of understanding. Words are powerful and verbalizing the issues helps to bring them into focus so that we can work with them more effectively.

I mix up a bottle of essences for you to take away and then I send an email to you with full details of the essences chosen and any further insights or suggestions that I might have.

Details of Services

Flower essence consultation

If we meet in person or via Zoom, the consultation lasts around 30-40 minutes and costs $90 including the essence. In addition to the essence, I send you an email giving full details of all the essences that come up along with any additional insights.

Email consultation

When you choose to have a dowsed essence via email, you send me a photograph of yourself by email, and you can also give me a brief outline of an area in your life that you would like to focus on, and I dowse over the essences asking the question, "What does this person need right now?". I then send you an email report of the essences that have been chosen, along with a bottle of essences for you to take. This costs $75 not including postage.

Dowsing report

If you have a set of essences yourself, or access to a set, I can dowse for you and send you an email report with details of the essences I have chosen. You can then make yourself a bottle of essences. The cost for this is $50.

Essence mix

If you know which essences you want in your mix, you can let me know and I will make you up a prescription bottle. This costs $25 not including postage.


If you would like more information, please don't hesitate to email or call me on 250 352 1725.

Flower essence services
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