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What are Flower Essences?



Flower essences are very dilute extracts of a substance, often a flower.
Traditionally, flowers are floated in water and left in the sunshine for some time. They are then preserved in alcohol – usually vodka or brandy.

However, there are many other ways of making essences including using gems, the environment and also using flowers and trees without cutting them.

It is believed that the spirit or essence of the flower is preserved in the water memory. Plants carry great wisdom if only we are prepared to listen.


Himalayan Blue Poppy
Bailey essence bottles

Flower essences are a wonderful gentle way of working with emotional difficulties and spiritual growth.

The essences that we use are specifically designed to encourage us to look at underlying emotional issues and attitudes that give rise to our way of living. The way that we live our lives has a direct result on our health, and there is always room for growth and change.


As we go through our lives, we learn particular ways of handling the difficulties that life throws at us. Although these ways are usually essential at the time, it is not always healthy to continue to make the same choices as we grow older.




For example, as a child it may have been a good idea to swallow down our anger at our unfair teacher in school in order to get through the school experience. But if we continue to swallow our anger through our life and have difficulty expressing our feelings in a healthy way, it is well-known that this can lead to health difficulties.


In Chinese Medicine, this can result in various patterns of disharmony such as Liver Qi Stagnation which in turn can lead to symptoms such as headache. Stephen sometimes uses five element flower essences alongside his acupuncture to enhance the treatment.

Working with flower essences is very gentle.
They cannot force change. I like to imagine that the essences open doors for us. They heighten our awareness to the present moment and show us the many possibilities that we have. It will always be up to us to make the decision to change – to step through that doorway.

The change can be sudden and dramatic or soft and subtle. Either way, we have started on a new path. We have created a gap in our subconsciousness; a gap that can now be filled with an up-to-date way of being.

If you would like to delve further into this fascinating area of growth work, you can book a consultation with Becca who will choose relevant essences for your current growth, talk them over with you in more depth and then make up a bottle of essences for you to take away. For more information about the background and history of flower essences, you can click here


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